About Us

At On Board Clinic , we are dedicated to providing you with easy access to the best in healthcare. Our doctors and medical team prioritise patient care and are well supported by warm and caring clinic staff.

Our clinicians genuinely care about you and your health concerns.

On Board  operates one of the few clinics in Dubai that utilises General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners in a collaborative environment. They are all highly qualified professionals and are constantly engaging in further education and development. Our standard appointment times are 50% longer than some other clinics

On Board  originated in Port Rashid , Dubai , in 2021 and came into existence through the collaboration of a number of medical practitioners who shared a common vision around providing better healthcare solutions to the community. The founding shareholders were passionate about differentiating health care services through innovative solutions to improve the quality of patient care, improve health services within the community and to address the ever increasing challenges around Federal/State Health funding.

On Board emerged as an innovative organisation that has successfully utilised and promoted the capabilities of Nurse Practitioners amongst its team of leading medical clinicians. The current shareholders still include two of the founding members and the organisation is still driven by the very same vision today.